The Quickflow Portable Draught Dispenser (PODD)

The Quickflow Portable Draught Dispenser (PODD) allows brewers, distributors and vendors to reduce the costs of dispensing beverages, while speeding up dispensing time and introducing greater mobility. This draught beer dispenser (also known as a ‘jockey box’) simultaneously cools and dispenses beer straight from the keg. The super insulated body of this mobile draught beer dispenser can cool beer for up 5 days on just 20kgs of ice (this will depend on the temperature of the beer in the keg and the heat of the day).

We can also brand each PODD with your chosen design so you can enjoy all the benefits of this mobile dispensing solution while serving, and presenting your brand in a stylish and appealing manner.

Key Benefits:

  • No electricity required to operate
  • Mobile and lightweight
  • Dual faucet offers two beers options
  • Customised decals and wrapping
  • Customised colour combinations
  • Hidden plumbing keeps tubing and waste pipes out of sight


  • Dimensions (without taps installed): 44cm(W) X 58cm (L)  X 47cm(H) 
  • Dimensions (with taps installed): 44cm(W) X +/- 70cm (L) X 47cm(H)
  • Weight (with cold plate):  +/-25 kg
  • Ice storage capacity:  20 kg (lasts up to 5 days)