The Quickflow Beer PODD

The Quickflow PODD Dispenser offers Brewers, Distributors and Vendors a new- found advantage in draught beer dispensing. Enjoy the benefits of this mobile/temporary dispensing solution while serving and presenting your brand in a stylish and appealing manner.

Key Benefits:

  • No electricity required to operate
  • Mobile and lightweight
  • Dual faucet offers two beers options
  • Customised decals and wrapping
  • Customised colour combinations
  • Hidden plumbing keeps tubing and waste pipes out of sight


Dimensions (without taps installed): 44cm(W) X 58cm (L)  X 47cm(H)   Dimensions (with taps installed): 44cm(W) X +/- 70cm (L) X 47cm(H)   Weight (with cold plate):  +/-25Kg

Ice Storage Capacity:  20Kg